Our Products and Services

   Marine and Offshore

We provide Electrical and Instrumentation, HVAC and Power solutions from Design to Installation for Rigs and Vessels. We can produce offshore utility equipment like Reels, HPU, Operator chairs, Control rooms, etc..as per your client’s requirements. We can support you in all phases of Design (3D Models and Drawings), Testing, Certification and Techincal Documentation.

   Electrical Installation

We provide complete Electrical Services, Power solutions, Heating solutions, Smart solutions and Telecom solutions for your Home, Corporate and Public sectors in all phases of Design, Planning, Project Management, Installation and Maintenance Services. We provide customized solutions for your special requirement.


We provide automation systems and integration solutions for your home, industry, construction, water and wastewater, fire and gas and power systems.

   Engineering Service

We offer engineering consultant services for your short-term and long-term projects in various areas like Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, System, Field works, Installation and Commissioning.